venerdì 31 ottobre 2008

Reminders for Tomorrow's Commemoration of All Faithful Departed

About the Mass

1.  Walang Gloria.
2.  Ang lineup ng music pang Easter na may tema ng resurrection.
3.  Hindi tama ang pagbabasbas ng sobre.  Hindi nagbabasbas ng sobre.  We only bless bodies of the dead, not envelopes with money.  
4.  There is no need for a special rite for the dead during the Mass but additional intentions in the Prayer of the Faithful may be added.  Note that the formularies and the Eucharistic Prayer already contain sufficient prayers.

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Sarah SSM ha detto...

Hi - I have a question for you. I'm working on a paper about the history of funeral liturgies and I came to your blog by way of that search. Can you give me any pointers or good bibliographical references if you have them? I'm particularly interested in answering the question "Why do we do mass at a funeral?" (My take has always been, well of course we do because it's a significant life event in the community!" but of course that won't fly for a paper!)

Thank you for any help or commentary you might be able to offer.