domenica 8 giugno 2008

Ang Pagiging Liturgist ay Holistic Parang Gatas

A person interested in the liturgy must have no fragmentary interest in the concerns of the church.  They are all rooted in the liturgy.  It is infinitely sad when someone devoted to the liturgy will minimize an interest in social doctrine, in rural life, in racial problems, in international life, in Catholic action.  We cannot, of course, have a comprehensive knowledge of these things, but we must have an interest and a sympathy.  When you find a person lacking in that interest and sympathy, you have found a person who is imperfectly schooled in the liturgy, who does not understand it in its completeness, who does not have the vision it is able to give.
- Mary Perkins Ryan “The Sacramental Way” (1948)

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