venerdì 28 marzo 2008

Memo for Music Ministry

To: Coordinators and members of the Music Ministry

Re: Songs for the Easter Season

The Season of Easter is the highest, most festive and most solemn of all seasons, it is thus to be celebrated with utmost joy and festivity. It is our season to celebrate the victory of Christ over sin and death and our birth as a Church. The tendency of some choirs, as what I have seen last week, is to sing the usual Ordinary Time songs. As what has been discussed in several formation seminars conducted in our parish, we have such a thing as a liturgical year wherein there are liturgical seasons and differing themes for each. It was also discussed that singing the liturgy is different from singing IN the liturgy. Singing the liturgy means that our songs are thematically and intrinsically connected with what is being celebrated. Singing in the liturgy means there is singing in the liturgy that is not necessarily connected to what is celebrated. You are supposed to sing the liturgy not just sing in the liturgy.

Ergo, Music for the easter celebrations SHOULD NOT BE THE SAME AS YOUR ORDINARY TIME LINEUP. Sing songs with Alleluia and the theme of the resurrection. You have enough time after Easter to sing the songs for Ordinary Time. It is Easter until Pentecost Sunday; help the people feel that it is Easter with your music.

I understand the difficulty of learning songs that are unfamiliar with you and that it takes time. But the ministry in which you are involved requires this. It is not enough for any liturgical minister to be contented with what one already knows. We will not grow if that is the case. Music has a catechetical value in the celebration. What kind of faith are we passing on to the people who go to mass if we are singing the wrong songs?

I am asking the Music Ministry coordinator and the coordinators of each choir to meet and prepare a list of Easter songs. Share what you know and accept what others share. I need the list to be drafted, posted and implemented as soon as possible.

It’s Easter. Christ is risen! Alleluia! He is truly risen! Alleluia!

In Christ,

J. Velasco
Worship Coordinator

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