domenica 3 febbraio 2008

Formation Program for Masters of Ceremonies (for Dave)

Module 1: Foundations

1. The Role of the Master of Ceremonies

a. Definition of Role according to GIRM 106 and CE

b. History of the office of Master of Ceremonies

c. Masters of Ceremonies today

2. The Theological, Christological and Pneumatological Dimensions of the Liturgy

a. SC 7

b. Liturgy as a Return to the Father through the Son in the Spirit

c. Priesthood of Christ – role of the Mystical Body

d. Anamnesis (ritual memorial) and Epiklesis (effects of the ritual memorial)

3. Sacramental Theology

a. Theological definition of sacraments (Schillebeeckx – encounter with God, etc)

b. Sign – symbol – sacrament

c. Sacramental Presence

d. Liturgy and Sacraments

4. Liturgical Books

a. Nature and importance of Liturgical Books

b. Short History of Liturgical Books and their effects

c. Introduction to each liturgical book

Module 2: The Eucharist

  1. Theology and History of the Eucharist
  2. General Instruction of the Roman Missal and Rubrics
  3. Ceremonial Actions, Solemn Mass, Pontifical Mass

Module 3: The Liturgical Year

  1. Theology, History and Structure of the Liturgical Year
  2. Lent-Easter Cycle
  3. Advent-Christmas Cycle and Important Feasts

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