martedì 20 novembre 2007

Genuine Love according to my Boss

this is a repost from my boss's multiply (

Meron daw matagal nang mag boyfriend at girlfriend. Kailangan ng space nung babae kaya nag-break up muna sila kahit ayaw ng lalake. Pagtagal-tagal nagkaroon ng bagong girlfriend yung lalake, na kinagalit naman ng dating girlfriend. Umaasa pa rin yung dating girlfriend na siya pa rin ang pipiliin nung dating boyfriend; umaasa siya na siya na lang. Ayaw ng lalaki. Sabi nung lalake,"You had me at my best. She had me at my worst." Yan ang sabi ni Popoy kay Basha. Yan ang sabi ni John Loyd kay Bea sa pelikulang... hehehe... you guessed it right... One More Chance.

To be loved when you are at your best, that is expected. To be loved when you are at your worst, that is a mystery. That is taking risk at its worst. That is leaping into unknown. In more ways than one, that is genuine love.

When a mother forgives a daughter after eloping with a man whom the mother dislikes, after giving birth to a child, left alone by the child's father and no contact with her mom for a year, that is being loved at your worst. That is genuine love.

When a husband takes her wife back, after leaving him and her children for abroad and taking a husband there for convenience, after stopping remittances for the children, and after getting ill abroad decides to return, that is being loved at your worst. That is genuine love.

When a parent embraces a child, after squandering the family's money in drugs and booze, after abusing siblings and friends, after putting the family's reputation in jeopardy, that is being loved at your worst. That is genuine love.

Being loved at your worst. That is what happens everytime we go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Being in touch with our weaknesses and confessing all our mistakes and sinfulness, we are at our worst. But God, through the priest, embraces us with his merciful love. God absolves our sins. God loves us most when we are at our worst, not because he approves of our worst, no, but because he knows how much love we need to get out of our worst and take the first step towards our best.

God loves us. And even at our worst, He will have us.

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